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The Miracle Panel Repair System is a product from Star Co. Ltd, Japan. Based on the ISHIHARA method of panel repair technology, the Miracle Panel Repair System is designed to repair damaged body panels from the outside. This avoids the time consuming strip and refit process normally involved in the repair of damaged body panels.

Benefits we can pass on to our customers thus reducing repair costs and time the vehicle is off the road:
  • Reduced panel replacement costs
  • Speeds up repair process and the vehicle is returned to the owner quicker
  • Keeps vehicle original by maintaining vehicle manufacturers welds and seams
  • Minimises disturbance of corrosion protection
  • Reduces ‘rattle & leak’ problems after repair
  • No waiting for parts and the job is started immediately
  • Keeping the repair local minimises colour blending problems
  • Competitive, high quality, fast turn around repairs

Know more at the company’s website.

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