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Human history is, in essence, a history of ideas. H. G. Wells


Many have asked us the origins of the idea that is CarZ. Here goes:

The two founders of CarZ lived in the US for over a decade. They noticed the worsening traffic situation with each visit back home and intuitively knew they were on to something with this observation. Back in the US after one of these trips, during a routine maintenance service for one of their cars, it dawned on them that organised, neighbourhood, all car service centres did not exist in India. So, they came back, did the research, identified the opportunity, CarZ was founded and here we are.

All wrong…here’s the real scoop.

It was 2007. Venu & Vijay (a.k.a founders), then living in the US, were on a visit to India. The Hollywood movie, Transformers had just released and both being extreme movie buffs, had to watch it that very day of the release, in show of support for the legendary and heroic Autobots. They thoroughly enjoyed the second show. Life without the Bumblebee seemed unreal.

Dinner et. al, the duo headed to the basement parking lot of the multiplex. All of the lot was empty except may be a few staff vehicles. As they exited the dimly lit parking lot, there in a distance, someone was waving requesting them to stop. They drove closer and rolled down the window. There she was…a damsel and from her panic expression…in distress.

The Damsel said “Hi, sorry to bother you. My car won’t start. At this hour, I am unable to get anybody to help me.” “Sure…” they said with boyish enthusiasm and popped out of the car. It seemed like Megan Fox was right out of the movie awaiting a rescue. The education, the Detroit life and the DIY experience gained over the years seemed all worthy just for this one moment. Fixing the car and getting the damsel in distress on her merry way was no big deal for the auto pros. As she left, she said “Thanks much. I am Vedika. You guys are so damn awesome, you should build something out of this expertise. Let’s stay in touch.” As they headed home that night, they both argued about whom in particular the damsel wanted to keep in touch with…the debate still continues in our hallways till this day. It was undoubtedly a memorable evening for more reasons than one.

Over the months that followed, Venu & Vijay narrated a spiced up version of the chance encounter with the damsel with friends at coffee shops…and just about everywhere they had a chance. Their story became legendary among friends but another pattern began to emerge. Many to whom the story was narrated indicated a similar experience – either they or someone they knew was recently stranded with a vehicle problem…and without timely assistance. Friends and family also complained about lack of service alternatives to the dealer. All these signs were telling a story.

Thus, an idea and CarZ was born in March 2008. The original CarZ logo had three characters: Venu, Vijay & Ved (as a fitting tribute to the damsel who got this whole thing started). We still use this logo to represent CarZ Family, our CarZ franchise program.

Vijay, Venu & Ved

Today, the CarZ logo only features Ved.

Like all love stories in bollywood, this one too started out of love…for the damsel and the automobile. The women in our lives have approved the release of the story although the  inspiration for CarZ came from outside :).

– As narrated by Vijay & Venu