I’ve seen cars painted under a tree. What’s the big deal with Paint Booths? | CarZ > Multi-brand car repairs and servicing | car denting & painting | car wash - Hyderabad

A paint booth is a structure specifically designed to optimize painting procedures.

A paint booth is an enclosure with only doors to move vehicles and people in and out. Exhaust fans and compressors are used to pressurise the air inside the booth and keep the environment as clean as possible. Working inside a paint booth ensures the environment is free from dust, dirt, and other contaminants that could spoil painting. Paint booths save time and money when conducting professional quality jobs. If your car was painted under a tree or in the open, you will see dust…sometimes even small insects on the painted surface causing the paint job to be of very low quality.

In addition, it serves as a slow baking vehicle oven, ensuring that the paint is baked and hardened before applying the finishing touches to a great paint job. You could not bake your car under a tree…and what if it rained?

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