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  1. Describe the symptoms of your car’s problem in detail when dealing with a professional mechanic, letting him make the diagnosis on what is ailing your vehicle.
  2. Have a list ready for the service advisor of issues or services you need performed, or symptoms the vehicle is experiencing so there is no misunderstanding.
  3. Always ask for a written estimate before the job is started. Ask for a copy.
  4. Ask for your old parts before leaving the facility, if they haven’t been offered to you.
  5. Have the Technician / Service Advisor show you what you need and have him explain why you need to replace it.
  6. Ask the service writer to show you what needs immediate attention. A reputable or fair shop should have no problem showing you the problem areas and explaining repair or maintenance options.
  7. Ask if any warranty policy is applicable.
  8. Go for a test drive before taking delivery of your car. Be convinced that the problems reported by you have been resolved.
  9. If you discover something is not fixed right after you’ve driven away from the repair facility, don’t panic. Call back, explain the situation, note the details of the conversation on the receipt from the repair facility and go back to the garage when possible.

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