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Heard of Engine Flush, Transmission Flush, Engine Oil Additives, Petrol Additive, Diesel Additive? What are they? What do they do to your car?

In this multi-part series, we will discuss each of these products.

Engine Oil Flushing is a procedure used to effectively clean and remove oxidised particles and fluid contamination left behind from previous oil changes. Sludge and other elements build up in various parts of the machinery over time. Not all of the oil is removed during a drain and fill oil change. Deposits are left behind and form sludge and varnish in the engine resulting in smoke from the exhaust and increased oil usage. The Engine Flush is usually a chemical formulation introduced and allowed to circulate through the engine, following the same flow pattern as the oil that lubricates the engine components.

As a result of engine flushing, the pep and power of the engine usually improves. It also promotes fuel economy and engine performance.

Application procedure:

  • With the engine off, add the Engine Oil Flush to the old oil in the crank case. Usually, Engine Oil Flush is sold in small cans of 250 ml (that can be poured entirely in engines with oil capacities of 3 – 5 litres. Ensure not to overfill.
  • Turn engine on and keep it running for 15-20 minutes
  • Increase engine RPM to help distribute the engine oil flush more thoroughly
  • Drain dirty oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Refill with fresh oil that meets the manufacturer specification

An Engine Flush is not a substitute for using the manufacturer recommended quantity, oil grade or the change interval. It is a way to augment proper maintenance and thus help to prolong the life of the engine.

At CarZ, we use the Engine Oil Flush from WURTH. See specifications here.

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