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Mobile Car Service
Car Service at your doorstep @ Homes, Offices, Gyms or other place of your convenience.

CarZ SQUAD: Hassle Free. Convenient. Peace of Mind. Time Saver. Transparent.

Call us today for an Oil Change, Brake Service, Electrical or Mechanical Repair at your home or office for the following great reasons:

Convenient. Neighbourhood. At your Doorstep.

  • How often do you commute 25, 20, 15 or even 10 KM to buy groceries? or to your barber? or to your Gym? or for that matter to have your two wheeler serviced?
  • If home repairs, electronics and a variety of other services can be performed at home or in their vicinity, why not routine car maintenance and service?

Now, CarZ is bringing Car Service to your Doorstep!


  • If you own multiple cars, why bother take them multiple places for service? Just because you bought them at different places doesn’t mean they need to be serviced differently.
  • Save the run around for life’s more unavoidable demands.

Now, CarZ offers Multi-Brand Car Service to your Doorstep!

Time & (is) Money. Spend them frugally.

  • We understand busy schedules make both major and minor vehicle repairs hard to attend to, when the attention is needed most.
  • No more dropping off your car at the mechanic shop, pleading with your boss to let you take off early from work or taking a day off, just to have your car in working condition again.
  • CarZ SQUAD’s team of trained technicians come to your door and fix your car right while you watch.
  • Clean, On-Time, Every Time at a Budget Price…that’s our guarantee.

Now, the CarZ SQUAD completes the repairs on your vehicle in a quick, efficient manner allowing you to spend your time doing what you enjoy most.

Technology. Competence.

  • We are auto experts…we’ve serviced all Makes / Models of vehicles available in India. Maruti, Tata, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, Mahindra, Ford, Skoda, General Motors, Mitsubishi…we’ve fixed them all.
  • We understand the nuances of all major automotive systems & variant technologies.
  • Our technicians are equipped with the right special tools, up-to-date repair guides, electrical wiring diagrams, service interval schedules, On Board Diagnostic (OBD) scanners.

Now, look no further than CarZ for all your car service needs.

Professional. Reliable. Advanced. Safe.

  • We always seek the Best that life has to offer…in the Doctors, Lawyers, Architects and even the Products we buy. That car you drive was also among the Best decisions you’ve made. Why then compromise it’s upkeep in the hands of unqualified, ill-equipped technicians?
Now, CarZ delivers Professional, Qualified, Trained Car Service Technicians equipped with Modern Diagnostic, Repair Technology and High Quality replacement parts!