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All that talk about Trust, Transparency…we decided to do some thing about it…be the trendsetter.

CAR REPAIR GUIDE: Drawing from our experiences getting our own cars serviced (as well as from other sources), we put together a few words of wisdom that could help you at your next service.

  1. Assist me select a repair facility for my car…
  2. Getting my car repaired. Any tips?
  3. Confessions of a good car technician
  4. Family car technician? Who’s that?

A stitch in time saves nine…or so goes the old world wisdom. True to this day!

CAR MAINTENANCE GUIDE: From our experience and as suggested by Ved, we compiled some useful tips to keep your car in good shape. If followed diligently, these simple tips will help you keep the car in good working condition, improve fuel efficiency & performance of your vehicle, save time and lots of money and keep you and your family safe while on the road. Anyway you look at it, these tips will make you a winner!

  1. Wheel Balancing & Rotation
  2. Wheel Alignment
  3. Tyre Pressure
  4. Tyres
  5. Wipers & Fluid
  6. Suspension & Shock Absorbers
  7. Steering
  8. Power Steering Fluid
  9. Oil & Filter Change
  10. Lighting System
  11. Engine Tune-Up
  12. Coolant / Anti-freeze
  13. Brakes
  14. Check Engine Light
  15. Belts & Hoses
  16. Battery
  17. Air Filter
  18. Air Conditioning