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CarZ Care

Repairs & Body Shop
Local, one-stop shop for your car repair & body shop needs.

CarZ: Car Repair with the expertise of your dealer. Comfort of your local mechanic.

Our goal, frankly, is to ensure we utilise every opportunity to build your confidence in us to recommend CarZ™ to your friends and relatives. Here are just a few (albeit Terrific) reasons to come to (and recommend) CarZ™:

  1. State-of-the-art, multi-brand car service facilities
  2. Best-in-class Standard Operating Procedures
  3. Advanced Diagnostic  & Repair technology
  4. Trained, multi-skilled auto technicians
  5. Safe, high quality, branded, replacement parts
  6. Quick service bays
  7. State-of-the-art Body Shop
  8. One-stop shop for all your car repair needs, Tyres, Battery, Accessories etc.
  9. Value based Membership & Rewards program
  10. Hassle-free, cash-less facility, insurance claims & renewals
  11. Fleet management services
  12. Vehicle pick-up & drop-off
  13. Rapidly growing network of service locations
  14. Local & in your neighbourhood
  15. Hassle-free fleet management for Fleets
  16. Great Service. Budget Price.