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Belts & Hoses

On May 24, 2010, in Car Talk: Maintenance Guide, by Ved

Belts are commonly used on most engines to turn the water pump, alternator, power steering or air conditioning compressor. If the belt snaps, slips or becomes loose, it could cause the vehicle and the occupants to be stranded. A blown hose could result in an overheated engine and lead to additional engine damage. Some tips:

  1. Have a professional check every month for leaks, cracks.
  2. Hoses should be checked at each oil change for age hardening (or softening) by pinching. Any hose that feels rock hard or mushy is due for replacement.
  3. Leaking, visible cracks, blistering or any other visible damage on the outside of the hose also indicates a need for replacement.
  4. Be on the lookout for loose, cracked or missing hose clamps. The clamps should be replaced when new hoses are installed.
  5. V-Belts should be replaced every three to four years or 40,000 KMs.
  6. V-Belts and serpentine belts should be checked for looseness.
  7. It’s best to leave the replacement to an expert.

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