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On May 24, 2010, in Car Talk: Maintenance Guide, by Ved

It is vital for energy supply to the starter motor, lights, ignition system etc. Some tips:

  1. While it seems simple, get your battery charged only by an experienced technician with access to the right charging equipment.
  2. Prolonged charging or charging at excessively high voltage can cause significant battery damage.
  3. Charge battery periodically if in prolonged storage, to retain their capacity. Batteries intended to be stored should be fully charged, cleaned of corrosion deposits and left in a cool, dry environment.
  4. Corrosion at the battery terminals can prevent a car from starting, by adding resistance. Coat the terminals with petroleum jelly (grease not recommended) or a commercially available anti-corrosion product.
  5. Have the battery electrolyte topped off at regular intervals.
  6. Exercise extreme caution when jump-starting.

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