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Here are some tips:

  1. Always ask for reference from a friend, relative or co worker when looking for a good service point. Find one nearby that you feel comfortable with, if you’re unable to find one by reference.
  2. Don’t wait until your car needs major repairs or a tow to find a good mechanic. Bring your car into the shop for small stuff like oil changes and brake checks to get a feel for the place and develop a relationship.
  3. Don’t choose a shop based solely on price. The least expensive repair shop might not be the best place to go. At the same time, the most expensive shop (or a dealership) may not give you the best service or quality.
  4. Find out the shop’s working hours. Will it be open when you get off work? Is the shop near your home, office? Is conveyance available from nearby or provided by the service point?
  5. You should be looking for key details such as the cleanliness of the grounds, work areas and safety procedures being followed.
  6. Spend some time exploring the difference between a “high quality” repair facility and the stereotypical shop. Keep in mind that a “high quality” repair facility spends tremendous amounts of time, effort and money on training, facility and equipment, in order to be better prepared to provide your vehicle with high quality maintenance and repairs.

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